What we believe in.

We firmly believe, that the effects of well designed technology can not be distinguished from magic. And we know that mages need money to buy food.

Our overall concept.

We have identified a clear problem across several industries (predominantly print and publishing) and are able to address it with an innovative and scalable solution. The key question of the publishing industry is, how can we participate in digital trends and be innovative without cannibalizing or core product, the printed copy? The answer is augmentation. Positioning the print product as the hero while enhancing it at the same time with relevant content. This is especially true for printed advertisements of all kinds in the real world (including packaging). We have specialized, scalable tools to solve the identified problem.

Opportunities we see.

Imagine you are an eye specialist and one of the few that can heal blindness, how would your estimates for the future be? Right. We are directly focusing core needs of all industries, which are using printed surfaces (e.g. publishing, advertisements, brands) as well as movie companies and the game industry. All these industries have one thing in common: blending worlds as a concept enables more than a gimmick. It essentially links the customer with a given product. Think adwords in the real world, think games in real live, think digital content attached to objects – this describes the opportunities we see most accurately. We want to take the lead in these categories.

The competitive landscape

We have realized the largest Augmented Reality product in the publishing industry, we are among the very few that already bring VR to international brands and we have build our own structures and tools to handle continuous and scaling projects. That being said: yes, there are competitors, but we are well prepared. An established product, that acts as a reference, a grown knowledge base with a specialized team and our deep links to the relevant industries make us different.

How do we build our products?

When it comes to product execution, first things first. The degree of our product to market fit is extremely high. We have customers, our product is present in 2000+ retail stores all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So we are not talking about concept work or prototypes. Good software on the other hand is never ready, it continuously evolves. Smart engineering and good use of technology are key factors in order to continuously improve the product. This also requires a certain infrastructure (technically and process wise) to facilitate high quality. All these aspects have been taken into account, have been reevaluated and build our basis for upcoming development.

How do we run our business?

Yes, we have partner deals. And yes, we have customers. The initial go to market strategy is visible, if you take a closer look to the LeYo product. So we can proudly say, it works! But it surely does not end here. Augmented Reality will be expanded not only to other concepts and industries but also to other markets. We are constantly expanding our network and stock up manpower to fully concentrate on this aspect. With regards to VR: our Virtual Reality activities are attracting blue chip customers. We are beginning to see parallels to AR when looking at how partners approach us. General background information..

The Team

empea currently consist of four heads. Everyone knows, what he has to do. The four areas technology, business and legal, communication, art and concept are the very core of our company and thus assigned to permanent employees. Please see the related section to get more information about us. It is surely not possible to run all operative work on such a small team alone. Therefore do we hire skilled people depending on our needs (currently 3, 6 or 9 months). This has an advantage when it comes to costs – but the even bigger advantage are fresh thought. By carefully hiring people how know and not people who learn do we constantly reevaluate our own approach, question our ideas and get suggestions we might have missed otherwise.

Our business model

Revenue streams are clearly identified for the fields of augmented and virtual reality. Services that empea offers are structured an add up to the over all revenue. Apart from existing customers does empea also have the ability (and has proven) to acquire new customers in all fields. We have already shown that it works in the German market and are now actively looking at other markets. In order to further grow do we not only try to make the current processes more scalable. We are aiming at building an infrastructure that enables industries. We want to enable them to use AR and VR for their needs. It will be as easy as saving a file in dropbox.

Our partner and network

Blending worlds is a challenge where you need partners. Augmented and virtual reality are interdisciplinary areas, which require a lot of knowledge from different fields. We are thus working together with the best companies and enablers in these fields. We also actively promote knowledge which is public domain in order to further fuel the entire AR and VR ecosystem. The essential learning here was: the more you give the more you get. Based on this simple idea did we build our network.

The Team

empea GmbH

Augmented and Virutal Reality
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